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Interview with Anne Goeminne - Founder & CEO of

Interview d'Anne Goeminne, Fondatrice et CEO


By creating Anne Goeminne, Founder & CEO of this internet company, is seeking to simplify the sale of prestigious designer bags and accessories by secondhand luxury goods shops, as well as to facilitate their purchase by an up-market clientele.
How does it work? A stroll through the heart of an avant-garde website.

What gave you the idea for this project ?

The idea came to me when I saw that my son's girlfriends, students at the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (Hotel School EHL), were looking on various internet sites for secondhand luxury bags and accessories. I began to do so too and soon realized that to find that unique item, the rare pearl, you had to trawl through page after page on the internet, a complicated, time-consuming process.

So you decided to create one single site, ?

Exactly. A single site bringing together the shops, the professionals from the world of pre-owned luxury products; there are around 350 reputable and high-end secondhand shops in Switzerland.

We selected 100 of the most prestigious. Shops such as these don't always have time to sell on the internet or, if they do have a website, to update it regularly to ensure it remains attractive and in keeping with the luxury brands they are selling.

Buying online…A question of trust ?

A matter of trust, yes, but also a desire to treat yourself ! Take the example of a customer living in Zurich who is looking for the Hermès Kelly bag of her dreams. She will be able to find it on without having to surf numerous websites with the prospect of perhaps not even finding it ! My aim is to help customers manage their time and save time. I created this website to make the selling process for the shops and the buying process for an up-market clientele much more straightforward.

What are the advantages of your approach with ?

For the customers, the items are easier to find on as they can find all the luxury pre-owned items which exist on the market on one single website. The process for buying a product is simple and above all reliable thanks to a system which offers security and protection against fraud.

For the shops : widening the opportunities across a territory ; attracting new types of customers and getting to know them better ; personalizing the relationship ; enriching the buying experience ; creating a loyalty-building platform.

How do shops register on the site ?

Simply by clicking on the "Special Boutique" link on the home page. From there, the shops will be guided through the registration process and informed of the terms and conditions. There are no fees for each product put up for sale. The stores pay a commission which varies depending on the sale price of the item. The commission is only paid when an item is sold !

The shop owners can put an unlimited amount of items for sale on

How does the buying process work ?

I manage the purchases of the customers who buy via I play the role of an intermediary.

I contact the stores to place the order, pay for it and ensure that it is dispatched.

Are you sure that customers want to buy online ?

In Switzerland, internet sales are increasing 22% each year !
The advantages of buying online according to the Federal Office for Statistics (OFS), in brief :

  • half of the Swiss population has made three online purchases over the last 3 months, by secure electronic payment.
  • 73% of consumers buy online to save time.
  • 67% find more choice.
  • 59% compare prices more easily.
  • 58% say they like to shop undisturbed in the peace and quiet of their own home.
  • 40% save on their journeys, petrol and travel costs...(*)

Your challenge ?

To make shops understand that my aim is to offer them an amazing service by creating a website for them. Often pre-owned goods are looked down on with people claiming they are fake or have "hidden secrets" that you can't see. I want to build partnerships only with reputable professionals offering 100% authentic items (accessories, bags, fashion jewelry, watches, jewelry, etc.).

To ensure that the customers of are drawn to this new idea of being able to buy from trustworthy professionals with complete confidence.

(*) Source : SalesConquest/Your sale is your focus